Friday, October 15, 2010

Santa Time

The very Best Graphic Designer I know has made the most amazing Santa Stationary I have ever seen. I can not wait to have my 3 kiddos pen there letters this year and then mail them to Santa ;) Around this time every year they start prepping for their letters, flipping through catalogs, commercials, browsing the isles at target. It's really great because every time they ask for anything I say "put it on your Christmas list", and they are always satisfied with that answer.
Now they can receive the most official response from the desk of Santa Clause.
You can find them @

popsicle puzzle

Here is a fun project for kids of many ages.
*Take several large Popsicle sticks
*Tape them together and number them (it will make it easier to out them back together).
*Flip over and start drawing and coloring, let them be creative.
*Take the tape off the back and ta-da you have a homemade puzzle

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What did you make today??

I made some leather bracelets
Ok the truth is I really love some I saw somewhere else but they were 40.00 each so I thought... I can make that................these look nothing like those but I still like them.

Bento #3 Happy Haloween

I was a little tired to night but I tried... so today we have

-hotdog mummy
- tortilla and cheese jack o lantern
-grape sticks
-bear cucumbers and grape tomatos
-apple slices
also one of my favorite people on the planet found an amazing place for new supplies and each kid will get a new bento box yay!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#2 Humpty Dumpty

Ok I know what your thinking, Glenda you have to much time on your hands well I say to you friends... All life is, is extra time and I choose to make food that looks like animals and Nursery Rhymes. Ok so.....

-Hard boiled egg
-grape tomato legs
-carrots/ flower cucumbers
-marinated zucchini
-olive cheese sword

Ocean Bento

Ok after reading about these magical Bento Boxes, I had to give it a try and much like everything else it looked so much better in my head! That being said the kids still loved them and I quote "Mama you are good with food." The idea is that buy making cool little shapes and decorations you can incorporate a lot of vegetables, and the kids eat them because they are so COOL....

Ocean Theme

-Blue Spaghetti

- Hot Dog Squid

-Gold Fish

-Grape Sticks

-Cheese Fish

- Ants on a Boat (celery with ants)

Google Bento Boxes amazing pics!!!