Saturday, August 18, 2012


Some Pictures I took celebrating a new addition to a very dear family.

All shapes and sizes



Friday, August 17, 2012


A little bit of America before we go....

 Why not watch a killer whale jump out of a tank to rock music while being splashed with ice cold smelly water.... why not?, I say to you! Right after we watch that we will get on a ridiculous roller coaster .... it will be great! Then we will walk miles and miles in 100 degree weather for hours on end .... Does that sound like fun or what?

Well it was.......

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home, Home, Let me go.....

Someone recently asked me where is Home for you ? 
I paused and asked Michael, "Where is Home?" He said to quote the magnetic zeros " Home is where ever I'm with you." As we prepare for the farthest move we have ever made, I wonder if any place will ever feel like home for us?
 There is one place that as a family we will always have.... nana and papas (my mom and dads place). At their house very little ever changes or, if change comes it comes slowly. This is a very comforting thought as we prepare to change everything we know. There the garden grows and dies away and comes back again. At their house the crickets are always chirping, the horses are always in the field, and the pond is the best place on earth to swim if you are under 18. I grew up jumping of the deck with friends and now my kids are doing cannon balls into the same murky water.  It is a magical place where time seems to stand still. We will miss it, but we know it will always be there when we return because its....Home
The swing

The garden

Ready Set....                                                                            
The pony Santa brought me when I was 5... the beloved Snowy... possibly a UNICORN

The road "Home"