Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Bought A Farm

      So lets see Michael and I have know each other for 16 years! In that time we have lived in ... multiple apartments, a trailer, in one room over an antique store, hotels, a house we built ourselves, Germany, and in 6 other houses we have bought and sold... In town, in the city, and somewhere in between we have tried a little bit of everything and a few months ago when we returned from Germany we found what we had been looking for, for a very long time and so .......we bought a farm!
     We are now the proud owners of a 21 acre homestead. It came complete with a nice little house, 3 barns, a large shop, and as an added bonus ... a swimming pool Hooray!
   Now comes the fun part turning this place into our home. I have to admit I have some big dreams that include..... working sheep, lavender fields, espalier orchards, and a large vegetable garden with lots of European influence.
   If I am the dreamer in the family then Michael is the cool dose of reality. He is always keeping us in check and along with his full time career he now has the joy of a homestead to care for. Thankfully along with keeping me some what in  reality he is also an incredibly hard worker. It makes him pretty handy to have around.  Which is good because our fall garden is already in the ground and we should have a few baby chicks hatching soon....


So on to our next great adventure....

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MomPrepares said...

Congrats - it looks beautiful! Homesteads are a lot of work, but there is a lot of reward too. Best wishes for your homestead!